ZuPreem® Embrace® and Embrace® Plus Hand-Feeding Formulas Magazine

Embrace® Diets set the standard in precise nutrition in hand-feeding formulas. When mixed according to directions, Embrace formulas stay mixed in solution and in the crop, safely delivering essential nutrients required for stronger, healthier and more beautiful baby birds. Lactobacillus aids in digestion. Naturally preserved. Embrace® Hand-Feeding Formula is formulated with moderate levels of fat and protein. Suitable for most species of Old World psittacines (hookbills) and passerines (softbills), including cockatoos, cockatiels, parakeets and lovebirds during growth. In addition, Embrace is an excellent diet to feed to debilitated or anorexic birds and orphaned wild birds Embrace® Plus Hand-Feeding Formula is formulated with moderate levels of protein and higher levels of fat for larger species that benefit from a more energy-dense food. Suitable for certain species of psittacines (hookbills), such as conures, Amazons, macaws, caiques, hawkheads, African greys, Asiatic parakeets, Poicephalus parrots and eclectus during growth.

Item Price Quantity
Embrace® 5lb pouch $16.73
Embrace® 10lb pouch $30.18
Embrace Plus® 5lb pouch $16.73
Embrace Plus® 10lb pouch $30.18

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